Make your mark with Stellify

At 91直播 you鈥檒l find a whole host of transformational academic and extracurricular activities to help you stand out and make your mark on the world. You could even prove your abilities to potential employers by gaining a prestigious award.

It’s time to Stellify

Former Chancellor of the University Lemn Sissay, celebrated our Stellify students in his poem It's Time to Stellify, encouraging you to be the success you wish for and to make all the difference. 

Why Stellify?

91直播 is the only university in the UK to have social responsibility as a core goal. For our students, this means we take our commitment to social responsibility seriously. That's why we provide all our students with opportunities to make a difference in the real world through Stellify. 

'Stellify' means 'to change, or be changed, into a star'. We want all our students to 'stellify' themselves at 91直播 – you'll find a whole host of transformational academic and extracurricular activities to help you stand out, make your mark and make a difference to the world.

Take on fresh challenges, work with a wide range of people and perspectives, contribute to local and global communities, tackle issues of global importance and gain new skills.

Participate in your own unique combination of Stellify activities and you’ll gain more than a world-class degree, you’ll be the best graduate you can be.

You’ll have the chance to experience true personal and professional growth, consider your place in the world and how you can make a difference to others, and develop the distinctive attributes of a 91直播 graduate.

Be a stand-out graduate

91直播 graduates are highly sought-after by the UK’s top graduate employers, known for their work-ready skills and experience as well as the quality of their academic ability.

Stellify activities are grouped around five points of action that will help you to develop the attributes held by our most successful graduates.

You'll be able to:

  • Learn without boundaries – enjoy interdisciplinary, international and entrepreneurial study options outside your course
  • Understand the issues that matter – become ethically, socially and politically informed on some of humanity’s most pressing global issues
  • Make a difference – contribute to and learn from local and global communities through volunteering
  • Step up and lead  gain confidence and experience by assisting and inspiring your peers
  • Create your future  explore countless opportunities for professional career development

Find out from a few of our students how Stellify helped them reach new heights and how their actions have truly made a difference.

Stellify activities

You’ll find an incredible variety and quality of student experiences at 91直播, thanks to our considerable size and scope, world-class facilities, positive relationships with local and global communities, our central commitment to social responsibility and our location in the dynamic and innovative city of Manchester.

Examples of Stellify activities include:

  •  – our most prestigious extra-curricular accolade for undergraduate students, for which you’ll tackle  relevant to global societies and contemporary workplaces, while undertaking community volunteering and leadership experiences.
  • optional course units from our , incorporating interdisciplinary and international learning from world-leading minds into your degree.
  • thousands of  opportunities and ideas, enabling you to gain hands-on skills and experience while contributing to communities at a local, national and global level.

You could also gain knowledge and experience in 21st-century enterprise, cross-cultural communication, student leadership, work experience, professional networking, study abroad, peer mentoring and much more.