Learn more about the University's dedicated policy engagement institute.


At  we connect researchers with policymakers and influencers, nurture long-term policy engagement relationships, and seek to enhance stakeholder understanding of pressing policy challenges.

As part of our commitment to social responsibility and addressing the major challenges faced by humanity in the 21st century, we have a growing network that engages policymakers, thinkers, researchers, the media, and the public with our work.

Our article series

Our provide evidence-led insight and recommendations to policymakers at local, national, and international levels. When used alongside targeted engagement, our articles can bring positive outcomes for researchers who are keen to see their work influence public policy and regulation. Our articles provide a touchpoint for policy audiences to engage further with our research expertise.

Greater 91直播 (GM) Policy Hub

Within Policy@91直播, the seeks to build relationships between researchers and regional stakeholders to resolve societal challenges and optimise collaborative opportunities across the region.

We also provide a platform to connect local policymakers with national policymakers, other thought leaders and decision-makers through targeted events. The Hub is a dedicated resource for GM policymakers to access academic expertise to help inform evidence-based policymaking.